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3200 W WindZilla PMA 12V AC 12 Blades Wind Turbine Generator+225A Slip Ring+Hub
Wind Turbines
$1 600.00

3200 W WindZilla PMA 12V AC 12 Blades Wind Turbine Generator+225A Slip Ring+Hub


WindZilla 12V AC Max 3200W Wind Turbine Kit 
For Land or Marine Use

Product designed in Canada

This model is Specifically designed to work with our WindZilla PMA:


 WindZilla PMA is included. 
Slip Ring is Included.




Over the last few decades renewable energy has started to gain its ground. Of all the different kinds of alternative energy sources available, the use of wind power has been growing steadily. Home owners have since adpoted to DIY wind projects. However, the task of building a wind turbine from ground up is no easy task. Most DIY wind turbines availalbe in the market today have a lot of mechanical flaws. Flaws that were never addressed will result in frequent maintenance and headaches, which eventually leads to abandonment / cancelation of the project. Since there are a lot of room for imporovment, we have designed a new wind turbine - the Patriot to bring things up to par. To name a few, Anti vibration system to increase power efficiency. More details / features will be available below:



Exploded View

Generator Specification:

Voltage3Phase 12 VAC

Permanent MagnetRare Earth Neodymium magnets

Moisture /Corrosion ResistanceYes, sealed exterior, ball bearing, coated rotor

Shaft Daimeter17mm

RPM at 12V300RPM

Body MaterialAluminium Alloy & Steel

Rotor Diameter12cm (4.75 inches)

Length11cm (4.5 inches)

Weight4.44kg (9.81lbs)

Mount4 Slots for bolts

Cable Lengthapprox. 18cm (7inch)

RotationBi-directional, recommend clockwise

The above battery charging power curve is obtained from charging a 12V 88Ah battery bank with our SolarWind Hybrid Charge Controller. (not included in this listing)



What is the difference in a WindZilla Wind Turbine?

GreenergyStar's WindZilla Wind Turbine is the most lightweight and easily assembled generator in the market today. It features many upgrades that solves performance issues that our competitors struggle with. It is designed to work with other GreenergyStar branded products such as the SolarWind Hybrid RX charge controller and grid tie inverters to better utilize the renewable energy generated. The following list will summarize its major features:

I. Exceptional Body Design with Slip Ring

Built-in Tower Adapter with Anti Vibration & Fictionless Rotation System



With Dual Bearing
- Dual Metal ball bearing to prevent vertical vibration
- Yaw shaft diameter: 40mm
- 3cm of stabilizing distance with 2 bearings
- No vibration = Increase in efficiency
- Reduction in noise output
- One piece design Yaw body provides more stability

Without Tower Adapter / Bearing
- When there is no tower adapter, it makes installation harder than it has to be
-Without bearing, metal connection / joints will grind on each other and wear out
- Plays will get larger and turbine will vibrate during operation


Water Proof


Anti-Leak System

- Exceptional Body Design to protect Slip Ring and Tower Adapter
- Bearings are covered and will not rust / leak / short circuit


Tilt Angle

- Compensates thrust forces from incoming wind
- 5 degree Tilt Angle ensures the blades will never hit the tower during strong wind

225A Slip Ring

For those who are serious about wind power generation, this is a must have item. Never again will the cable get twisted up. Never again will you have to climb up the ladder and fix the tangles. Get a slip ring today and you can put all of that behind you.

Slip Ring Specification:



Maximum Current75A X3

Rated Current50A X3

Working Speed250RPM

Temperature-40'C to 100'C

Wire Gauge6AWG

Number of bearings2

22mm diameter
1.5mm Thread Pitch


- High voltage / current carrying capacity
- Copper-graphite brushes ensure long life even under extreme load conditions
- Quick connector for fast connection to the AC / DC wind turbine *see reference picture below*
- Insulated with fiberglass sleeves to protect wires to the wind turbine and make the installation professional and tidy
- Easily taken apart for quick maintenance 
- 2x High Quality Metal Sealed Ball bearing to stabilize axle

Exploded View

Connection Overview

As we can see from the exploded view, the top circuit is color coded Red, the middle circuit is Black and the bottom circuit is Blue.




II. Blades, Hub, Nose Cone

Blade Features

- Color: White
- With 62" swept area when mounted on a 5.5" Hub
- Incorporates highly efficient, true airfoil
- Quiet performance with minimal vibration
- Can generate 800 watts or more depending on PMA efficiency
- Manufactured using a precision injection molding process that produces blades of exceptional consistency
- Made with new thermoplastic to increase durability
- Smoother and more durable than any blades you can find in the market
- Adjustable blade degree with included degree adjusters / shims (see picture below)
- High resistance to bending (over 150 degrees)


What is Nylon 6.6?

Nylon is a man made product. On the man made side, you will see primarily three types of thermoplastic. These are polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. Of the three types, nylon is by far the better choice.

Nylon is extremely versatile in its applications. It is highly resistant to abrasion and has excellent resilience.
Within nylon, there are two groups: nylon 6 and nylon 6.6. Nylon 6.6 is the premium thermoplastic. It is the thermoplastic that is most often specified by professional architects and designers because it provides the flexural strength, low-temperature toughness, UV Resistanceand is the most resilient. Nylon 6.6 performs well in many applications such as wind turbine blades, automotive parts, and other fields that get a lot of wear and tear. Nylon 6.6 has additional molecules that give extra strength and the resilience compared to nylon 6. If you still have no idea what Nylon 6.6 is, do a search on google.

Adjustable blade degree with included degree adjusters (Shims)

Increase/decrease blade angle by installing degree adjuster under the blades
"+" on the right side = Increase angle = More Torque, Less Speed
"-" on the right side = Decrease angle = Less Torque, More Speed




Nylon 6.6 + Carbon Fiber (<20%)



29 inches


Width (base)

6 inches


6mm bolts


Weight (per blade)

340g, 12oz


Hub Features

Hub Specifications:



Aluminum (with coating)



258 - 270 mm



3-12 Blades



17mm Shaft PMA


Shaft Diameter

for 17mm shaft


Disc Thickness





Nose Cone Features

Nose Cone Specifications:





Inner Diameter







Snap On




Performance Comparison:

With Nose Cone - Smooth Performance

Without Nose Cone - Air current spins into tiny vortexes


III. Stay true to wind with Light Weighted Body and Stylish Tail

Body Specifications:






60cm (23.6 inches)



3.64kg (8 lbs)

Tail Specifications:






53.7cm (21 inches)



445g (0.98 lbs)

IV. Rebuildable, Perfect DYI Project


What are included:

- 1 WindZilla Wind Turbine
- 12x Blades
- Hub with 12 lots
- Body Plates
- Tail
- Screws and Nuts
- Degree Adjuster
- Allen Key
- Instruction Manual


Body MaterialAluminum

Rotor Diameter170.0cm (67 inches)

Survival Wind Speed45m/s

Voltage12 VAC

Weight12.08kg (26.63lb)

Yaw Body / Tower Mount
Inner Diameter53.3mm, 2.1 inch

Recommended Tower (Pipe) Size1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe 
Actual Pipe diameter: 48mm (1.9 inch)
Recommend adding 2.5mm padding



Upgrades / Recommendations (not included in this auction)




Rotating blades present the most serious mechanical hazard. The blades may be moving at velocities over 275 miles per hour (440 km/hr). At this speed, the tip of a blade is nearly invisible and can cause serious injury. Under no circumstances should you install the turbine where a
person could come in contact with moving rotor blades.

The installer of these blades is solely responsible for the use or misuse of these blades. We assume no liability for ANY injuries caused by these products



We will warrant this unit against any manufacture defects or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. This limited warranty specifically excludes damage caused by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, improperstorage, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.This warranty is not transferable. In the event of a claim against this warranty, the seller's obligation, and the claimant's sole remedy, shall be replacement of the product, repair, or refund of the original purchase price excluding any shipping and handling fees. All shipping and handling fees going both ways are responsible by the buyer.



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