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Efret Industries provides Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy Technologies , since 1998, helping homes, businesses, and communities reduce or eliminate power bills and pollution, with DIY (Rooftop or Backyard components), Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Alternative Energy Solutions, Solar and Wind Components and Systems, and/or Complete Alternative-Energy Systems (Solar Arrays or WindFarms of all shapes and sizes), powering your entire home, shop, business, or communities, (neighbors, counties, and cities are finally being forced to allow Safe Solar Arrays and Wind Turbines), to meet all your power needs, (Rebates, Credits, Incentives are at an all time high and can help alleviate costs, 6 month financing and help arranging financing, permits, and installation, available, as necessary). and break free from dependency on environmentally hazardous power companies with clean, free-energy, State/County/City Gov't and Commercial Corporations avoid paying for power through Wind and Solar. Join the millions who are finally demanding the same Free-Ride. Make the change, start helping the environment, and start saving Now! The sooner you get started and stop putting off the inevitable, the sooner your outrageous power bills will disappear! Soon every home will Only use clean energy, and polluting power plants will be a thing of the past! 

Efret Industries can get you started reducing your power bill NOW, with safe, reliable DIY Plug/Play Solar and Wind Components and Systems , often avoiding permit fee's, installation fee's, electrician fee's, delays, restrictions, or objections from city, county, neighbors... Just Plug these Grid-Tie components into any standard 110V outlet, and Start Saving, (excess power generated also feeds the grid to compensate for times when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing), then, you can use these monthly savings to add additional components or complete systems, (while obtaining permits, zoning approval, installation...), as needed, to eliminate outrageous power bills. 

Efret Industries also provides Global Technology Solutions and Consulting Services, Since 1970, and is founded through cultural lineage

Eco-Friendly Environmental Components and Systems are currently only available through our Online Store (keeping prices low, subject to availability based on demand). 

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