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Grid-Tie & Off-Grid Technology  

gallery/1kw wind turbine $650
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Efret Industries Lineage 

Efret Industries cultural lineage includes Scandinavian and Native American descent, whose ideals have been passed down through generations, 
improving quality of life and preserving the environment. 

Coal has been used throughout history for heat, smelting (refining metals), ..., dependency and demand increased, contributing to the 
 advancement in mining, technology, and production of electricity, helping drive the development of railroad for transport, right of way, ... 

Wind has been used throughout history, as well, to pump water and grind corn, sugar canes, ... By the 19th Century, Wind Turbines began 
producing electricity. Coal Powered Power Plants are currently being replaced, (as rates and pollution continue to increase), with 
Wind, Solar, and other Eco-Friendly Sources of Electricity, easing the consumption of natural resources and reducing pollution. 

Efret Industries co-founders advancement of technology contributions include: blacksmithing (1767), farming, cattle-ranching, Titan missile testing (US Air Force, 1948), Tesla style R&D "bouncing global electrical signals" (with Gschwendtner, 1950's, shutdown by FCC within 15min's...), witnessed area 57 events (including Roswell), (General Electric) Computer Technology Development, helped build the HEP Supercomputer at Denelcor in the 1980's, High Voltage Tower and Powerline Engineering, Reservoir and Hydro-Electric Engineering (Corp of Engineers), ..., and continue contributing to the standardization, development, and implementation of more efficient Global Technology Solutions. 

Efret Industries involvement with information technology, infrastructure, transportation, defense, communications, capacity/consolidation, commerce/financial, health, migration/consolidation, and other industries provides Global Technology and Eco-Friendly Renewable Technologies Solutions for a brighter future.